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Marriage- it's all relative...

Trent and his friend Josiah were discussing marriage on our way home from preschool today.  Josiah informed us that he was going to marry a girl named "Claire" from their class.  (I must add that this is a happy development as he was planning on marrying ME last week).    Trent then chimed in, "I'm going to marry my Grandma Karen!"

Josiah explained to him that he couldn't marry Grandma Karen- that would be silly because she will be way too old once Trent is a grown-up.  I told Trent that while it was very sweet to offer Grandma his hand in marriage, Josiah may be right in thinking the age difference would be a problem.  I decided to leave the discussion of laws against marrying close relatives for another day.

I then offered some more suitable suggestions of wonderful little girls we know (especially in Idaho) that would be great wives when "grown up" age has been met.  Let the betrothal schemes begin!!

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Trent- my good little helper

Trent is very willing to help.  You might hear me say things like this throughout the day:

  • Trent, can you go grab me some applesauce from the basement?
  • Trent, go get dressed, pick up your room, make your bed, and brush your teeth.
  • Trent, can you help your sister get dressed?

It's this last request that prompted some funny pictures for your enjoyment.  =)  You will notice that Tenley's dress is on backwards, and neither Trent nor Tenley noticed one bit.  Instead they proceeded to get the laundry basket and play choo choo train around the kitchen!  You'll notice that Trent got himself dressed, too.  This is evidenced by the completely red outfit, the summer shirt and shorts despite snow on the ground, and mis-matched socks.  He's quite a character!  At least he wasn't also wearing his soccer cleats, which he often wears to preschool despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise.

Click here for more fun pics, inlcuding our family pic and pictures of Tenley first thing in the morning!  She has Mr. Potato head "pieces" in her ears in case you're wondering...

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Halloween 2008

The kids had so much fun this Halloween!  Braxton was a vampire (although we forgot to do his makeup- oops!) Trent was the hulk- I personally think the rubbery head-piece was the best part of the costume!  Trent thought the "hat was kinda heavy on his head."

Tenley was Minnie mouse again this year.  Grandma Cheri bought her a Minnie dress at Disneyland last year, and she went to bed before trick-or-treating even started!  So we couldn't let such a cute costume go to waste!

Amber was a witch, and apparently the witch/Minnie mouse combo was quite popular this year!  We were walking down the street and bumped into my frient Jen and her daughter Emmy who were our twins.  We had to take a picture of course!  Click here to view the Halloween gallery including the matching witches and Minnies!

Jared was a party pooper for Halloween this year- he wore that costume last year as well.  ;)

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Trent's Birthday

Okay, yes- I realize that Trent's birthday is September 4th.  And yes, I realize that today is November 1st!  And my response to that is- you're lucky I added this at all!  =)

Trent had just a few friends for his birthday party, and we all went to Jumpin' Jacks.  We got there right when they opened to avoid the crowd- and it worked perfectly!  We were the only ones in the whole place for the entire 2 hours!  After the kids were "jumped out" we headed back to our house for pizza and cupcakes.  Trent had a great time, and Mom kept it simple yet fun.  Click here to view Trent's birthday Photo Gallery!

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Little Miss Dressup

Tenley loves to play dressup!  While there are the regular ballerina and pink poofy skirt dressup sessions (put together by Mom) she is more fond of her brother's boots and her Mom's volleyball knee pads!  We're hoping the knee pad dressup sessions will inspire the next generation of volleyball fun!

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School is back in!

School is back in!

Yes, it's that time of year again- getting dressed before noon, homework, catching the bus, and those precious quiet hours with kids in school and Tenley napping!  Braxton is in 2nd grade this year and Trent is into his third year of preschool this year. 

The state of Utah has decided that because Trent's father was on a scout trip when his mother went into labor on August 31st and the doctor's decided to stop the delivery until Jared returned home, putting Trent's birthday passed the steadfast arbitrary deadline- he is unfit to attend kindergarten.  KINDERGARTEN!  Come on people, how old must you be to sing songs, eat paste, and have recess.  Trent's preschool has more instruction time in 4 day a week than kindergarten has in 5!  It makes no difference that he was doing his brother's first grade math home work last year, and is a giant for his age.  It makes no difference that he's been riding a bike for almost 2 years.  It makes no difference that when we went to register Braxton for first grade last year the lady asked Trent (who was then almost 4) if he was excited for first grade to begin.  He told her, "Lady I'm only 3!"

Alas, everyone keeps assuring us that we will be happy in the long run that Trent is a gigantic, old child for his grade.  Something about sports, or leadership, or dating/driving- I'm not sure.  Whenever people begin their speeches I go into Charlie Brown grown-up "wha wha wha" listening mode.  I think it is completely ridiculous that they can give the parent the decision power to hold a child back a year who makes the deadline, but gives no power to a parent who sees that a child is ready.  What a difference 3 days can make!

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Did you think to pray?

Every Monday, we wrangle the kids up, sit in the front room and have Family Home Evening.  It consists of Braxton and Trent fighting over who gets to conduct, who gets to lead the song, and who gets to say the opening and closing prayers.  After it's all decided, Tenley crawls up to the front and "helps" whichever brother won out! 

Here she is saying the prayer during Dad's lesson.  Notice she is sitting on the TV ledge, folding her arms, and she has a huge hole in her sock.  Oh to be 16 months old and not a care in the world!  =)

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Well, I've gotten this really neat "ant farm" type thing. I was originally going to get something like it for Ryan, Kelly and the kids, but I was talked out of it. I thought it looked really cool, so I got one for myself (my early birthday present to myself, I suppose). I've posted their daily progress in a section of my website that I didn't make any sort of layout for, you'll basically just see the directory of the files. However, they will sort numerically based on the date.


I'm still trying to figure out what's going on for visiting Utah. Hopefully I won't get stuck here and miss the family reunion and visiting my family in Utah. Oh well, at least I have my ants.

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Are you ever really ready for death?  You know that it can't last forever- but you're never really ready when the end comes so suddenly!  You can see that memory is slipping, you try your best to keep things comfortable... then BAM!  Your husband says, "do you need anything off your computer before I put this new memory in?"

That should have been my warning sign where a little voice in my head says, "backup all your files before you do anything!!"  Alas, I opted to eat my taco and say, "just let me know if I got any new im's so I can check the archive later."

The time of death on my computer was 6:58pm.  I may or may not be working tomorrow, since my lappy is good for nothing!


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Hooray WackyFam!

First I'd like to start off with "Hooray, Amber got a new Wacky Fam up!" and it looks great!

Not much is going on with me, just still trying to get better and figure out what's going on. As per my usual self, I always seem to be developing or working on some kind of game, and it is progressing well. Maybe I'll post a link to it here eventually. I do, however, want to find some good recipes to add to the recipe section. :)

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Mother's Day Poem

Braxton was sweet this year- he wrote me a Mother's Day Poem.  It went like this:

Busy, Works
Loves to sleep
Helps Cleaning our clothes

I've decided to take this as a sign of love, and not cry myself to sleep at night.  =)  The poem was on a little plastic cup with a flower inside- I admit the flower is already dying because I forgot to water it.  Maybe if I didn't love to sleep so much I'd remember to water the poor little thing!  Maybe I subconciously don't water the little mocking flower who dares to challenge my motherhood- take that flower!  I take care of my kids and have no time for silly mocking flowers!!  =P


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The new and improved

Everyone can rest easy- the website has been updated.  Not only the look and feel, but the database behind it is new and improved.  Hopefully this will make it easier for me (and anyone in the fam who wants a login) to update the site!  Finally, it's not my sole responsibility to upkeep the website.  I am thrilled beyond belief!  =)


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