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School is back in!

School is back in!

Yes, it's that time of year again- getting dressed before noon, homework, catching the bus, and those precious quiet hours with kids in school and Tenley napping!  Braxton is in 2nd grade this year and Trent is into his third year of preschool this year. 

The state of Utah has decided that because Trent's father was on a scout trip when his mother went into labor on August 31st and the doctor's decided to stop the delivery until Jared returned home, putting Trent's birthday passed the steadfast arbitrary deadline- he is unfit to attend kindergarten.  KINDERGARTEN!  Come on people, how old must you be to sing songs, eat paste, and have recess.  Trent's preschool has more instruction time in 4 day a week than kindergarten has in 5!  It makes no difference that he was doing his brother's first grade math home work last year, and is a giant for his age.  It makes no difference that he's been riding a bike for almost 2 years.  It makes no difference that when we went to register Braxton for first grade last year the lady asked Trent (who was then almost 4) if he was excited for first grade to begin.  He told her, "Lady I'm only 3!"

Alas, everyone keeps assuring us that we will be happy in the long run that Trent is a gigantic, old child for his grade.  Something about sports, or leadership, or dating/driving- I'm not sure.  Whenever people begin their speeches I go into Charlie Brown grown-up "wha wha wha" listening mode.  I think it is completely ridiculous that they can give the parent the decision power to hold a child back a year who makes the deadline, but gives no power to a parent who sees that a child is ready.  What a difference 3 days can make!

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