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Halloween 2008

The kids had so much fun this Halloween!  Braxton was a vampire (although we forgot to do his makeup- oops!) Trent was the hulk- I personally think the rubbery head-piece was the best part of the costume!  Trent thought the "hat was kinda heavy on his head."

Tenley was Minnie mouse again this year.  Grandma Cheri bought her a Minnie dress at Disneyland last year, and she went to bed before trick-or-treating even started!  So we couldn't let such a cute costume go to waste!

Amber was a witch, and apparently the witch/Minnie mouse combo was quite popular this year!  We were walking down the street and bumped into my frient Jen and her daughter Emmy who were our twins.  We had to take a picture of course!  Click here to view the Halloween gallery including the matching witches and Minnies!

Jared was a party pooper for Halloween this year- he wore that costume last year as well.  ;)

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