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Marriage- it's all relative...

Trent and his friend Josiah were discussing marriage on our way home from preschool today.  Josiah informed us that he was going to marry a girl named "Claire" from their class.  (I must add that this is a happy development as he was planning on marrying ME last week).    Trent then chimed in, "I'm going to marry my Grandma Karen!"

Josiah explained to him that he couldn't marry Grandma Karen- that would be silly because she will be way too old once Trent is a grown-up.  I told Trent that while it was very sweet to offer Grandma his hand in marriage, Josiah may be right in thinking the age difference would be a problem.  I decided to leave the discussion of laws against marrying close relatives for another day.

I then offered some more suitable suggestions of wonderful little girls we know (especially in Idaho) that would be great wives when "grown up" age has been met.  Let the betrothal schemes begin!!

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