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Trent- my good little helper

Trent is very willing to help.  You might hear me say things like this throughout the day:

  • Trent, can you go grab me some applesauce from the basement?
  • Trent, go get dressed, pick up your room, make your bed, and brush your teeth.
  • Trent, can you help your sister get dressed?

It's this last request that prompted some funny pictures for your enjoyment.  =)  You will notice that Tenley's dress is on backwards, and neither Trent nor Tenley noticed one bit.  Instead they proceeded to get the laundry basket and play choo choo train around the kitchen!  You'll notice that Trent got himself dressed, too.  This is evidenced by the completely red outfit, the summer shirt and shorts despite snow on the ground, and mis-matched socks.  He's quite a character!  At least he wasn't also wearing his soccer cleats, which he often wears to preschool despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise.

Click here for more fun pics, inlcuding our family pic and pictures of Tenley first thing in the morning!  She has Mr. Potato head "pieces" in her ears in case you're wondering...

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